Basic Primitives

Basic Primitives is a 100% JavaScript component library for building general purpose diagrams without manual nodes layout.

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In order to create call-out widget we have to make instance of its options class primitives.callout.Config and provide some <div> on HTML page as a placeholder for it. Widget creates callout inside of provided div in graphics format dependent on browser: VML in IE6-IE8, Canvas in early versions of Android and in SVG in all other browsers. Widget's instance stays in browser's memory till its placeholder is removed from the web page. So in order to be sure that widget's instance is destroyed and avoid unexpected memory leaks you have to remove HTML elements having widgets inside only with jQuery remove method.


Be aware that for obvious logical reasons jQuery(".callout").empty() method cleans up widget contents without actual widget  removal, so its state would be invalid after that.

Next example demonstrates creation of call-out widget.



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