Basic Primitives

Basic Primitives is a 100% JavaScript component library for building general purpose diagrams without manual nodes layout.

  • Increase font size
  • Default font size
  • Decrease font size

Auto Size Diagram in Article

In order to place diagram inside page article and make it auto expand to accommodate all nodes of diagram use AutoSize option of pageFitMode in Config class. Widget in this mode will auto size its placeholder div element to show all nodes of diagram. 

Use following options to constrain widget auto size:

  • autoSizeMinimum - it limits minimal size of diagram, so if it is empty then you are going to see empty area of this size.
  • autoSizeMaximum - does not allow to grow widget beyond this size. 

for example in order to set widget minimal size: autoSizeMinimum = new primitives.common.Size(800, 600);


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